15.11.2019 – 07.01.2020

Tallinn Christmas Market

Tallinn Christmas Market

Following tradition, the Tallinn Christmas Market will open its stage and sales kiosks this year in order to make it possible for us to enjoy the Christmas spirited fairy tale land as long as possible. In the Town Hall Square, there is already erected a fluffy Christmas tree, the symbol of Christmas, which for the first time in the world was erected right here in 1441. The Tallinn Christmas Market delights everyone with its coziness, historical location, half a century old buildings and long traditions. In recent years, the Tallinn Christmas Market has become increasingly visible in the foreign media; itis has a number of times been elected as one of the best in the tens of thousands of Christmas markets.

This year, the glances are captured with the heart-shaped ornaments on the Christmas tree towering in the center of the Raekoja Square and on the stage. Heart-shaped decorations were chosen to decorate the Christmas Market for a number of reasons – the heart is a symbol of love, and Christmas is probably one of the most heartfelt holidays in general. But also Tallinn Old Town, the venue of Tallinn Christmas Marketplace, is heart-shaped when viewed from the air, and the City Center advertises itself as the heartof the city!

Every year, more than half a million people, guests, andinquisitive people visit the Tallinn Christmas Market from close by and from far away. For children, entertainment is provided by carousels and Santa Claus, who distributes candy in his little house to those who are better at reciting verses. At the site, you can buy high-qualityhandicrafts fromall sorts of nick-nacks to practical winter accessories, andyou can fill your tummy with gingerbread and with hearty Christmas roasts. Among the refreshments are well known Christmas dishes, but also brand new ones that are perfect for Christmas time. Over the Town Hall Square drifts a spicy scent of mulled wine – this hot Christmas drink is served in a very broad assortment, with different flavors, both for children and adults.

The Christmas spirit is heldup, as always, by a special cultural program. At the weekends, different groups from both Estonia and abroad appear on the stage of the Christmas Market, with around 3000 performers appearing on the stage. During the Advent period, an Advent candle is lit every Sunday, church leaders and city leaders greet the people. A spirited special program is planned for the New Year’s Eve!

Tallinn Christmas Market is waiting for everyone to spend Christmas time on the Fairy Tale Land of Tallinn Town Hall Square.

 Have a Heartful Christmas

Open every day
10:00 – 20:00

24.12-26.12 12:00-15:00
31.12 10:00-17:00
01.01 12:00-20:00

Hot Christmas drinks from Sunday to Thursday till 22:00,
Friday to Saturday till 23:00
Christmas program On Fridays 17:00 – 19:00
On Saturdays and Sundays 12:00 – 14:00

Santa Claus since 2 December 2018
Arrival of Santa Claus at 11:45
Santa welcomes children Mon-Sun
from 12:00 until 19:00

  • Last dance and off we go🎅💃 Today after 8pm we will pack our Christmas lights and Santa land, but we are hoping that Christmas spirit will stay in your hearts❣️#tallinnchristmasmarket #christmasmarket #jõuluturg
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  • Only few days left....ok, ok not so few actually 10 days but time flies when you’re having fun 🤗💃📸 @lianakukava #christmasmarket #tallinnchristmasmarket #jõuluturg

Culutural Program

16 November

17:00 Christmas market 2018/2019 festive opening
Tallinn City Center elder Vladimir Svet will declare the opening of the Christmas market
17:05 Pritsu Brass, the Brass Band of Tallinn Fire Fighting Society
17:45 dance troupe Viisuveeretajad
18:30 dance studio Carolina
The program is led by Kristjan Annuk

17 November

17:00 dance studio Black & White sings Mariliis Jõgeva
17:45 Irish dance group Solas
18:30 folk dance group Tantsusarvikud
The program is led by Santa Claus Äffy

18 November

12:00 Tallinn Rahumäe Basic School, pupils of the Fine Arts Center
12:45 Pühalepa Women’s Chamber, folk dance group
13:30 ETA Dance School
The program is led by Kristjan Annuk

23 November

17:00 Prodance Dance Studio
17:45 Tallinn French Lyceum Dance Group Leesikad – Estonian author’s creation
18:30 Tallinn French Lyceum Dance Group Leesikad – folk dances with live instrumental music
The program is led by Santa Claus Äffy

24 November

17:00 folklore society Juhukse
17:45 dance group Zahira
18:30 dance group Lee
The program is led by Santa Claus Äffy

25 November

12:00 Light music choir Cantitores
12:45 Folk culture society Kirmas
13:30 Sixtina Dance and Model School
The program is led by Arlet Palmiste

30 November

17:00 Nõmme Youth House dance group
17:45 dance group Sõleke
18:30 dance studio Free Flow Studio
The program is led by Kristjan Annuk

01 December

16:00 Festival “Fairy Tale”
St. Petersburg Russian Teatro “Moroshka” and collectives of the Russian Cultural Center of Tallinn
17:30 Dance Society As-Sa: Mixed groups Tammed ja Toomed; women’s groups Harku Harakad and Hele
18:15 group MESI
The program is led by Kristjan Annuk

02 December 1st Advent

11:45 Arrival of Santa Claus
12:00 students from Kopli Youth House
12:45 Heli Singing Studio
14:00 The choirs of St. John’s Church, Charles Church, Church of the Holy Spirit, Bethel Congregation, the Dome Church, Nõmme Peace Church, Viimsi Congregation and the German Congregation of the Deanery of Tallinn.
14:10 Welcome speeches of Mayor of Tallinn Taavi Aas and dean of Tallinn Jaan Tammsalu.
In the Christmas tree, the first advent candle is lit.
The program is led by Kristjan Annuk

07 December

17:00 folk dance groups: female group Hoppet and mixed group Vöör ja Ahter
17:45 folk dance groups of the Riisipere Community Cultural Center
18:30 ETA Dance School
The program is led by Santa Claus Äffy

08 December

17:00 folk dance group Kuu
17:40 Latin Show Company Panter
18:30 dance studio KT Stuudio
The program is led by Santa Claus Äffy

09 December 2nd Advent

12:00 Toddlers’ choir Ellerhein
12:30 TIK folk dance mixed group Ingliskad
13:15 handbell ensemble Kellaring
13:55 Advent message is shared by the pastor of the Russian Congregation of Tallinn Methodist Church Aleksandr Fjodorov, the musical part from the band One Way
14:00 Pastor Aleksandr Fyodorov lights the 2nd Advent candle
The program is led by Arlet Palmiste

14 December

17:00 singing studio Mini Musical
17:45 dance group Kõku
18:30 dance studio V.A.T Stuudio
The program is led by Kristjan Annuk

15 December

17:00 folk dance ensemble Tuisuline
18:00 dance group Happy Feet
18:30 Järva-Jaani dance groups: Jürid-Marid, Tuttuued Naised, Ei me ette tea
The program is led by Santa Claus Äffy

16 December 3rd Advent

12:00 Siki Dance Studio
12:45 MYDANCE Dance Club
13:30 Mixed group of folk dance Pööreline of Vääna- Jõesuu Village Society
13:55 Ago Lilleorg, Pastor of the Toompea Congregation of Tallinn Pentecostal Church, the musical part from the ensemble Mai Unt & Co
14:00 Pastor Ago Lilleorg lights the 3rd Advent candle
The program is led by Kristjan Annuk

21 December

17:00 dance studio Desiree
17:20 Taisi’s singing children
18:30 Dance and Fitness Club Tantsugeen
The program is led by Santa Claus Äffy

22 December

17:00 dancing and singing children of Mustamäe Children’s Creation House
17:45 dance group Kolgaküla Lainerid
18:15 dance group Free Flow Studio
The program is led by Santa Claus Äffy

23 December 4th Advent

12:00 singing studio Lõoke
12:45 dance group Modus “The Last Workday of the Elf”
13:30 Teacher’s chapel and folk dance group of Jüri Gymnasium
13:55 Advent message is shared by Ülo Niinemägi, pastor of Tallinn St. Olaf’s Church
Children’s choir Juhhei sings
14:00 Ülo Niinemägi, Pastor of the Tallinn St. Olai’s Church, will light 4th advent candle
The program is led by Arlet Palmiste

24 December Christmas Eve

12:00 Mayor of Tallinn Taavi Aas declares the Christmas Peace

28 December

17:00 LTF Dance School
17:40 dance group Alhambra
18:15 Kristina Kalle and Valeria Nikolajeva sing
18:30 dance group Asmarah
The program is led by Santa Claus Äffy

29 December

17:00 the performance of pupils of Nõmme Hobby School
17:45 Beatrice Nebis sings
18:30 Gypsy dance group Aler
The program is led by Santa Claus Äffy

30 December

12:00 Latin show dance group Väikesed Pantrid
12:30 dance group Modus “A year will soon close its door.”
13:15 Dance Society As-Sa: children’s folk dance group
13:50 sings Lili Adeni
The program is led by Kristjan Annuk

31 December

22:00 NEW YEAR’S PROGRAM, performs ensemble Regatt
00:00 New Year Celebration
00:20 DJ Havi plays mood music
The program is led by Santa Claus Äffy

04 January

17:00 ensemble Terek
17:45 Show Teater Jagody
18:30 Music Theater Sakala Laululapsed
The program is led by Arlet Palmiste

05 January

17:00 Folk Dance Society Pääsuke: Children’s Group and Randvere Women’s Group
17:45 ensemble Kodu
18:30 Folk Art Society Leigarid
The program is led by Santa Claus Äffy

06 January

12:00 Dance School Koit
12:45 sings Juri Zaljubovski
13:15 Dance Club Mustad Kassid
13:35 Folk dance groups Kiili Keerulised, Kiilitar, and Kiili Kirjud
The closing of the Christmas market
The program is led by Santa Claus Äffy